AA: Early Childhood Education

My name is Alex Musser and I am the Center Director at Carroll Child Care and Learning Center. I have worked at CCCLC since August of 2017 and actually started as the Lead Teacher in the Two’s Classroom. Being the Lead Teacher in that classroom has been my favorite job that I have ever done! All those kids keep me on my feet and made it worth coming into work every day! I have been in early childhood education for over 6 years now. I started my early childhood education journey in high school when I was involved in the preschool program that was offered. Watching children learn and grow it something that I truly love experiencing. When I’m not in the office doing paperwork, I like to visit each classroom and interact with all the children! They are the best part of the job! I graduated from Carroll Community College in 2019 with an Associate’s Degree in Teacher Education. I also have taken the additional courses to have the proper qualifications to be a director. I have made the transition from Teacher to Director because I want to be able to help our teachers and children thrive in the best way possible!